I’m Sabika, founder of Women Health Hub. 🙂

Women Health Hub is a complete platform for women interested in educating themselves about female diseases or disorders, and learning how to prevent, manage, or treat symptoms naturally using alternative or complementary solutions.

In short, this blog is all about empowering you, the women, to take charge of your well-being.

sabika hassan founder women health hub

How Can Women Health Hub Help You?

  • Receive women-centered health advice by industry experts
  • Prepare yourself against female diseases and disorders that may occur at various ages
  • Easy to understand guides offering valuable natural treatments for treating symptoms
  • Get self-care tips on how to manage different diseases or disorders
  • Stay updated on what’s new in the world of women’s health
  • Read in-depth reviews for budget products that support your overall wellbeing
  • Free downloadable checklists and cheatsheets to take with you on the go

Story Behind Women Health Hub Creation

Let’s be honest. Most of us instantly seek online help when we sense something’s wrong with our health.

And although there are plenty of brands offering help, combing for information through multiple sites can be time-consuming and super frustrating, specially for women. Because:

  • Between juggling jobs and a home-life, you’re always a bit tight on time
  • Judging the reliability of different sites is a daunting task
  • Many sources have jargony content which can be difficult to understand 😕

I personally know women who have suffered by taking advice from an unreliable resource or not getting complete knowledge in one go. 

After realizing this, I decided to create a reliable one-stop medical site covering a wide range of women’s health topics.

The goal here is to make a comprehensive and reliable platform to educate you about health problems and help you find the best natural solutions for treating different diseases.

About Me

You might have guessed already—I’m a big health and wellness fanatic!

Since graduating as a biomedical engineer back in 2014, I have been involved with writing. I started off as a freelancer and worked my way up to become editor-in-chief at a US-based sleep retail company. 

But in my heart, I wanted to set up my own blog someday. After leaving the last job, I decided to combine my passion for writing and health awareness among women and bring the dream to reality. 

That’s when I created Women Health Hub for women around the world, struggling to find one authentic resource to help improve their well-being. 💗

Questions and Feedback

For any queries and further help, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can either drop an email or send a message on any social media channel. I’ll get back to you soon!


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