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Does This Sound Like You?

✅ You often struggle with making practical health goals to suit your lifestyle

✅ You want to develop good habits but lose motivation after a few weeks

✅ You have never tried specific resolutions for your health targets

✅ You have difficulty in juggling your health goals because of a busy routine

Did you answer a big old YES to any of these? 

Then, my friend, this is the perfect product for you!

Each goal is designed for active women like you with hectic schedules who wish to dedicate some time to their health and wellbeing.

Want to learn the exact tricks I follow to make your own specific health goals? Check out the details in my blog post below.

Traditional New Year Health Resolutions Don’t Work Anymore

Let me get real with you for a sec.

The old technique for making new year’s resolutions is so boring that almost 92% of people fail to keep them! 

(Not making this up!)

Even business mavens like Arianna Huffington consider it meaningless.

Why? Because most traditional goals are …

❌ Vague

Conventional health goals focus only on the destination and neglect the journey that will take you there.

You only see what you want to do but you have no idea how to do it. 🤷

❌ Inspired by peer pressure

We usually get caught up in the current industry trends and base our resolutions on what the majority is doing.

Later on, we realize the health goals don’t actually align with personal values or beliefs.

❌ Don’t follow a definite schedule

Setting time-bound deadlines increase the value of your health goals and are a source of self-motivation. 

Most traditional resolutions have no specific timelines for achieving targets, it becomes difficult to incorporate a habit into your routine. 

This is the primary reason why you suddenly leave your goals halfway or forget about them altogether. 

How Can Specific Health Goals Benefit You?

Specific Health Goals are based on the SMART framework, a popular scientifically-researched and proven method to promote positive impacts or behavioral changes.

Each goal is:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Realistic

  • Time-bound

Here’s how these special health goals can benefit you:

Provide clarity about your health journey

They give you a clear idea about the action plan you’ll have to follow to reach your desired health goals.

Help you ditch the goals that don't matter

It becomes easier to figure out which goals align with your beliefs and are important to you.

Encourage self-assessment

To remain motivated and on track, you can keep a record of the health goals milestones you achieve in a journal or on your phone.

Allow room for growth

Once you get comfortable with the beginner level, you can modify the goals further to advance to a higher change.

Ensure long-lasting changes

Specific health goals facilitate permanent change in habits or lifestyle — not just for a few weeks, but for life!

What’s Included In The Product?



Here’s an overview of the much-awaited women’s favorite free checklists of this year:

Product 1: Healthy Diet Goals Checklist

Includes many health goals designed to help you meet your nutrition, weight-related, or diet targets, such as:

  • Increase veggies or fruits intake
  • Eat home-cooked meals often
  • Cut down on junk or sugary foods 
  • Try more nutritious recipes

Product 2: Physical Fitness Goals Checklist

This health goals checklist covers many small milestones to promote physical activity through both mild and intense exercises. You’ll love this checklist if you:

  • Want to start a solid fitness regime
  • Aim to strengthen your muscles
  • Want to begin yoga
  • Can only spare a few minutes for exercise

Product 3: Mental Wellness Goals Checklist

Take out some time for your mental wellness with my new health goals crafted to make self-care a regular ritual in your life. You can benefit from this checklist if you:

  • Wish to have daily, weekly, or monthly self-care routines
  • Want to be in control of your emotional wellbeing
  • Are looking for new activities to promote happiness

Product 4: Healthy Habits Goals Checklist

If nothing else, you can always start with developing one new good habit every year, right? Go through my specific healthy habits checklist to find practices that:

  • You wish to work on this year
  • Focus on lifestyle improvement
  • Ensure you take out some time for self-care every week or month

Still not sure if you want to download? Read the blog below to learn how these specific health goals were created.

This is it, friend! Now I ask you…

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Grab Free Checklists With 50+ Health Goals 

Set up new SMART (specific, actionable, realistic) health goals with my free 4 checklists bundle.


Ready to be the healthiest you this month?

Thank you!

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