Best Herbal Teas to get pregnant

Drink These 15 Super Effective & Safe Herbal Teas to Get Pregnant Naturally in Few Weeks

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If you’re trying to conceive but haven’t been lucky yet, it’s time to try these traditional fertility-boosting herbal teas to get pregnant quickly.

But first, what is infertility?

In simplest terms, if you’re unable to get pregnant after trying for a year (or 12 months), it’s a sign of infertility. 

Almost 12% of US couples have difficulty conceiving. To put this in perspective, one in every four couples face this problem, particularly in regions where lifestyle and dietary choices aren’t exactly healthy — such as metropolitan cities.

Although western treatment is mostly the first choice, many couples also opt for traditional alternative therapies and contemporary medicine on the side. That’s when herbal teas come to mind.

In this blog, I’ll share 15 science-backed herbal fertility teas to help you get pregnant naturally and safely.

Why Are You Not Getting Pregnant?

If you’ve been trying for a while, the best thing to do is figure out the reason why you’re unable to conceive. 

Many women stress over not getting pregnant so much that they either overdo or underdo their efforts. Obsessing too much won’t help. Instead, you’d experience severe anxiety or depression. At some point, you might even blame yourself for infertility! 

Please understand that pregnancy is a natural process. You cannot force it. You have to calm down and wait for it to happen on its own. 

Besides, multiple complications cause infertility in women. Hormone imbalance is one of the most common issues leading to disturbed ovulation cycles or egg production. 

Some women might be missing out on essential nutrients in their diet. This can also affect your ability to get pregnant.

In short, the best option is to consult a doctor first and find out the cause of infertility. After that, you can opt for herbal teas to increase the efficacy of modern fertility treatments.

Do Herbal Fertility Teas Really Work?

The main concern around herbal teas for fertility is whether or not they are effective and safe-to-use.

The concept of using herbal teas isn’t new. Years ago, women used to rely on traditional medicines made out of roots and leaves to help relieve health complications and symptoms. In fact, there was a time when midwives recommended homemade botanical antidotes to treat fertility problems.

Since the advent of modern medicine in our lives, we have become somewhat suspicious of herbal treatments. It’s understandable, considering there’s limited research on the subject.

However, few studies on the topic offer incredible benefits of herbal teas for fertility in women.

  • A 2018 US research published in Reproductive Biomedicine & Society Online includes a detailed analysis of various herbal remedies used by women over the years to treat fertility problems. Check it out here.
  • In a 2010 Korean study, 23 women were administered traditional herbal treatments & acupuncture for fertility by qualified professionals. By the end, 10 women gave birth to healthy babies. Read more here.
  • A study in 2017 by UK researchers in Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal discussed a plethora of benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat conception complications. Check the study here.
  • Another 2017 Korean research published in Evidence-Based Contemporary & Alternative Medicine, covers a wide range of benefits and increasing effectiveness of herbal remedies to treat infertility. Read the article here.

Benefits of Using Herbal Fertility Teas

What are the benefits of drinking herbal teas to get pregnant naturally

Here are some benefits of choosing herbal teas to get pregnant:

  • These teas reduce the costs associated with infertility treatments.
  • Herbal teas contain essential nutrients that could reduce the risk of reproductive diseases.
  • Some herbs are known to have antioxidative properties that improve fertility.
  • Herbal teas are also helpful in boosting your immune system against infections.
  • When taken alongside ART, herbal fertility teas can enhance the efficacy of advanced fertility methods.

What to Keep in Mind Before Taking Fertility Herbal Teas

If you opt for herbal teas to get pregnant, be sure that you communicate it to your doctor. So if they put you on medications, they’ll adjust the amount to avoid an overdose. 

This is a common problem because many doctors don’t often ask women whether they are using any alternative treatments for fertility.

In one such case, a woman opted for herbal teas to boost fertility and at the same time, continued receiving ART. As a result, she developed mild ovarian hyperstimulation — a condition caused by excess hormone levels that causes pain in ovaries.

So it’s necessary to discuss with your health professional how much herbal tea for fertility is ideal for your daily intake. 

Now let’s look at 15 best herbal teas to get pregnant quickly.

Important Note:

Here, I’d like to clarify something.

These herbal teas for fertility should not be considered a solid replacement for medical treatment. In other words, I’m not advising you to rely only on herbal teas to get pregnant. If you’ve had conceiving problems for a while, it’s best to consult a doctor first and then try these natural remedies to boost fertility.

15 Safe Herbal Teas to Get Pregnant Fast

Here are the best teas made of herbs and roots to boost fertility naturally.

1. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Red Raspberry leaf is a popular plant used as a remedial botanical herb for inducing labor and treating pregnancy complications such as postpartum recovery. 

Here’s why I recommend Red Raspberry leaf herbal tea to get pregnant:

  • It’s a rich source of essential minerals needed for a healthy pregnancy. Red Raspberry leaves are filled with Vitamin A, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, and polyphenols which act as antioxidants to boost your immunity. 
  • Many women also drink Red Raspberry leaf tea to relieve painful menstrual cramps or get their daily dose of iron to avoid anemia, particularly when they have a heavy period. 
  • For fertility, Red Raspberry leaf tea strengthens the uterine wall and prepares it for accomodating the baby and reduce the risk of miscarriage. Additionally, it’s also known to promote embryo attachment to the uterine wall to start your baby’s development. 
  • Low level of progesterone is a common cause of infertility. However, Red Raspberry leaf tea can enhance your progesterone levels and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Best Red Raspberry Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
Traditional Medicinals Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea – Most Popular– 16 bags 
– Kosher
– Caffeine-free
– Handpicked leaves from Bosnia & Herzegovina 
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FGO Organic Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Bags – Best Choice– 100 bags 
– Best price
– Eco-conscious packaging
– GMO-free
– Made in Germany
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Buddha Tea Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea – Most Affordable– 18 tea bags
– Kosher
– Caffeine-free
– Handpicked leaves from Albania
$8.98Buy Now

2. Ashwagandha Tea

Ashwagandha is a popular plant used in Ayurvedic medicinal treatments. It’s known to strengthen your physical and mental abilities as it bears calming and relaxing properties. 

Here’s why I recommend Ashwagandha herbal tea for conceiving:

  • Many women in India take Ashwagandha tea to enhance their sexual energy and boost the reproductive system. Ashwagandha herbal tea also helps couples get pregnant naturally by increasing fertility in both women and men. 
  • If you’re stressed, this herbal tea can help reduce stress and improve your sleep quality.
  • You can also use Ashwagandha herbal tea to ease menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes or mood irritation.

Best Ashwagandha Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
FGO Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder – Most Popular– 16 ounce resealable bag
– Leaves from India
– USDA Certified
– Money-back guarantee
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The Republic of Tea Ashwagandha bags – Best Choice– 36 bags in tin can
– Includes passionflower, licorice, and lemon balm
– Caffeine-free
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Buddha Tea Organic Ashwagandha Root Tea – Most Affordable– 18 biodegradable bags
– Kosher
– Caffeine/GMO/Gluten free
– Leaves from India
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Safest herbal teas to conceive
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3. Lady’s Mantle Tea

Lady’s Mantle Tea is derived from the rose family and is a wonderful herb for females with remedial powers for the reproductive system.

Here are some benefits of Lady’s Mantle herbal tea for the female reproductive system:

  • Women with menstrual irregularities drink Lady’s Mantle herbal tea to normalize the cycle. The leaves help increase progesterone levels which promote egg production.
  • If you often experience severe menstrual cramps, this herbal tea can lessen the pain and ease the muscles during periods.
  • Health experts recommend women should regularly drink this herbal tea for hormone balance.
  • Most women experience amazing results when they drink Lady’s Mantle tea for fertility as it improves your ability to conceive by strengthening the uterine and delaying menopause.

Best Lady’s Mantle Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
Health Embassy Lady’s Mantle Herb Tea – Most Popular– Available in 50/100 grams
– 100% natural leaves 
– No additives
$18.99 – $27.99Buy Now
Starwest Botanicals Organic Lady’s Mantle Herb – Best Choice– 4 ounce
– Made in Croatia
– cGMP Compliant
– USDA Certified
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Polana Herbs Lady’s Mantle – Most Affordable– 50 grams 
– Harvested in east Europe
– Vegan friendly
– No additives
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4. Alfalfa Leaf Tea

Alfalfa leaves contain various nutrients such as proteins, magnesium, iron, chlorine, and vitamins A, C, and K, all of which are necessary to conceive. Women who are trying to get pregnant naturally can also get folic acid & calcium from Alfalfa herbal tea.

Here’s why I recommend Alfalfa Leaves herbal tea for getting pregnant quickly.

  • Alfalfa herbs help remove toxins from your body that might lead to infertility. 
  • This tea also boosts your immune system and prevents any infections that might affect conceiving.
  • You can also take Alfalfa herbal tea post-conception to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy.

Best Alfalfa Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
Microingredients Organic Alfalfa Tea – Most Popular– 1 lb
USDA Approved
Vegan friendly 
Made in USA
$18.95Buy Now
Terravita Alfalfa Leaf Tea – Most Effective– 8 ounce
– Fresh handpicked leaves
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Buddha Teas Organic Alfalfa Leaf Tea – Most Affordable– 18 bags
– Bleach-free tea bags
– No caffeine
– No artificial colors
– GMO/Gluten free
$9.22Buy Now

5. Cinnamon Tea

Because of its plethora of health benefits, cinnamon has now become a staple herb in every household. Cinnamon is primarily used in cooking in many South Asian countries. In some countries, cinnamon powder is also added to milk tea to enhance its aroma. 

Here’s why Cinnamon herbal tea for fertility should be on your list.

  • For females, this herb ensures regular menstruation, particularly in those who have hormone imbalance conditions such as Polycystic Ovaries (PCOs). This is why I recommend Cinnamon herbal tea to get pregnant safely and fast.
  • Women at risk of diabetes or high blood sugar, also take Cinnamon herbal tea to regulate insulin production. It helps in absorbing glucose properly and prevents gestational pregnancy after conception.
  • Although rare, uterine fibroids might also affect the ability to conceive in some females. These are non-cancerous growths that occur in the uterine lining. In severe cases, they may enlarge, reach the fallopian tubes that allow conception, and cause pain. You can treat uterine fibroids by drinking Cinnamon herbal tea as well.

Best Cinnamon Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Herbal Tea – Most Popular– 20 bags
– Caffeine-free
– No artificial colors or gluten
– Handpicked herbs from Egypt & Pacific Northwest
$29.95Buy Now
Bigelow Cinnamon Stick Black Tea Bags – Best Price– 120 bags
– Kosher
– Gluten-free
– All natural tea
– Made in the US
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Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea – Best Quality– 50 bags
– Sugar-free
– Harvested in China/India
– Includes orange peel and cloves
$13.40Buy Now
Best Herbal Teas you should drink to get pregnant 🤰naturally + check out my favorite 🍵 recommendations

6. Garlic Tea

Garlic is rich in sulfur, a compound needed to boost antioxidant levels in your body to enhance your ability to conceive naturally. 

Even though it’s not popular, here’s why Garlic tea is good for getting pregnant naturally.

  • In women, Garlic tea can help improve your egg cell growth & ensure successful pregnancy after intercourse. Additionally, this plant promotes attachment of embryos to the uterine wall for baby development.
  • Garlic tea is also beneficial for blood circulation which will not only raise chances of conceiving but also aid in blood flow to your genitals.

Best Garlic Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
The Herbal Tea Company Garlic Tea – Most Popular– 50 bags
– Available in 8 different flavors including lemon and orange
– No artificial colors or additives
N/ABuy Now
Terravita Garlic Tea – Best Price– 25 bags
– Made of fresh garlic cloves
– Pure organic
$14.07Buy Now

7. Red Clover Tea

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Red Clover tea is one of the best home remedies for natural hormone balance in women with infertility issues. This herb contains many necessary vitamins and minerals that are needed for a healthy pregnancy. 

Here’s why I recommend Red Clover herbal tea for fertility boost.

  • Try Red Clover herbal tea to get pregnant naturally by enhancing your uterine lining strength which allows embryo attachment and increases your chance to have a baby.
  • Additionally, Red Clover herbal tea can help regulate the pH of your body. It will reduce the risk of infections, particularly in the vaginal region, and boost your fertility.
  • Red Clover also removes toxins from your blood that might be interfering with your pregnancy.

Best Red Clover Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
Traditional Medicinals Organic Red Clover Herbal Tea – Most Popular– 16 bags
– No GMO
– Free of caffeine
– USDA Certified
– Harvested in Albania
$24.36Buy Now
Organic Bio Herbs-Organic Dried Red Clover – Best Price– 6 ounces
– Certified organic
– Fresh herbs from Bulgaria
$20.00Buy Now
Buddha Teas Red Clover Tea – Best Quality– 18 bags
– Purely organic
– No additives or GMO
– USDA Certified
– Bleach-free tea bags
$9.30Buy Now

8. Chaste Berry Leaf Tea

Chaste Berry leaves are known for their incredible benefits to regulate the female ovulation cycle and raise the ability to get pregnant quickly. This botanical herb has many medicinal qualities to remedy fertility problems and delay menopause symptoms.

Here are some reasons why I recommend Chaste Berry leaves herbal tea for a quick pregnancy.

  • Drink Chaste Berry leaves tea to balance your hormones and improve your chances of having a baby.
  • You can also normalize prolactin levels by drinking Chaste Berry herbal tea every day. Prolactin is necessary for proper ovulation & to get pregnant.
  • Some women also experience higher production of LH that’s responsible for making progesterone – the female sex hormone – after having Chaste Berry leaves tea for fertility.

Best Chaste Berry Leaves Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
Starwest Botanicals Organic Chaste Tree Berries – Best Quality– 1 lb
– Herbs harvested in Croatia
– Kosher
– USDA Certified
– Resealable bag
$16.40Buy Now
Celebration Herbals Organic Chaste Tree Berries – Most Popular– 48 bags
– 100% organic
– Resealable bags
– Eco-Conscious packaging
– No additives or artificial colors/flavors
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TeliaTree Oils Chaste Tree Berry Tea – Best Price– 180 grams
– No additives or artificial colors
– Free of GMO
– Fresh herbs from Mediterranean countries
$14.80Buy Now

9. Damiana Tea

Damiana is a popular Central and North American herb and has a long history of being used as a medicinal herb in Mexico and parts of America. Be sure to not take it in large quantities because in some cases, it has shown a similar effect as getting high.

Here’s why you should use Damiana leaves herbal tea to get pregnant naturally.

  • Damiana is a powerful aphrodisiac or sexual stimulant. Women who’re struggling to conceive should drink Damiana herbal tea to get pregnant naturally. 
  • Damiana herbal tea contains compounds that promote calmness and relaxation. This is particularly helpful if you’re in the process of having a baby as continuous anxiety and depression can decrease your chance of conception.
  • Many women have also experienced remedial effects of Damiana herbal tea for treating urinary tract infections (UTIs). These infections can sometimes reach the fallopian tubes and affect your ability to get pregnant.

Best Damiana Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
Tadin Herb & Tea Co. Damiana Herbal Tea – Best Choice– 24 bags
– Caffeine-free
– cGMP compliant
$20.73Buy Now
Modest Earth Damiana Herbal Tea – Most Popular
– 48 bags
– May include lemongrass, chamomile, orange peel, and spearmint
– 100% organic
– USDA Certified
– Prime shipping available
$18.50Buy Now
Palm Beach Medicinal Herbs Damiana Leaf Tea – Most Affordable– 30 bags
– No sugar or caffeine
– 100% natural
$17.95Buy Now

10. Turmeric Tea

I’m sure every one of you has turmeric spice in their kitchen cabinet. Turmeric powder is derived from the turmeric plant and is a common household item in most Asian countries. Although it’s mainly used while cooking curries, Turmeric tea has amazing benefits to treat fertility problems.

This is why Turmeric tea is good for natural pregnancy.

  • This herb contains antioxidants that improve female fertility and rids the body of harmful toxins. That’s why I’d highly recommend Turmeric herbal tea for quick conceiving.
  • In many cases, turmeric has also shown incredible results in treating serious hormone imbalance disorders such as PCOs or even cure severe uterine fibroids that can potentially lead to infertility.
  • You may drink Turmeric herbal tea to regulate your menstrual cycles or relieve menstrual cramps.

Best Turmeric Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
Traditional Medicinals Organic Turmeric Tea – Most Popular– 96 bags
– Includes ginger and meadowsweet
– No GMO
– No caffeine
– USDA Certified
$24.56Buy Now
Yogi Tea – Honey Chai Turmeric Vitality – Best Choice– 96 bags
– Includes cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger
– No GMO
– USDA Certified
– No gluten or caffeine
– Vegan friendly
$23.04Buy Now
Buddha Teas Organic Turmeric Ginger Tea – Most Affordable– 18 bags
– No caffeine
– No GMO
– Bleach-free tea bags
– 100% organic
– No additives
$8.39Buy Now

11. Green Tea

Although it’s not technically a herbal tea, I’ve still decided to add Green tea to the list. It’s one of the most popular and healthiest teas recommended for better digestion, fat burning, enhancing heart health, and to remove toxins from your body.

But did you know that green tea can also boost fertility? Here are some reasons why I recommend Green tea for getting pregnant.

  • Green tea is filled with antioxidants that decrease oxidative stress. It’s a chemical-imbalance condition & often impacts your ability to conceive. Oxidative stress is caused by many factors such as poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle, or living in polluted regions. 
  • Polyphenols are also the main constituent of Green tea leaves. They are known to regulate your menstrual cycles although the research in this benefit is limited.
  • Some women also drink Green tea for weight loss. In hormone imbalance conditions such as PCOs, you become prone to rapid weight gain which often interferes with conceiving. Drinking Green tea daily can improve your ability to conceive by managing your weight.

Best Green Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
Bigelow Classic Green Tea Bags – Most Popular– 240 bags
– Caffeinated
– Kosher
– Gluten-free
$20.52Buy Now
Lipton Green Tea – Best Choice– 8 ounce
– 100% natural
– No additives
– Rainforest Alliance Certified
– Calorie-free
$14.75Buy Now
FGO Organic Green Tea – Most Affordable– 20 bags
– Eco-Conscious packaging
– USDA Certified
– GMO-free
– Made in California
$6.99Buy Now

12. Peppermint Leaf Tea

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Peppermint herbal tea is popularly known for its incredible calming and soothing effect. Like many others, Peppermint leaves contain a wide range of essential minerals and vitamins such as folic acid, calcium, and Vitamin A, B12, and C needed for a smooth pregnancy.

Here are some reasons why you should drink Peppermint leaf herbal tea to get pregnant within weeks.

  • Because of its anti-stress properties, drinking Peppermint tea can help you relax and raise your fertility.
  • Besides, this herbal tea also strengthens the female reproductive system. It promotes regular ovulation and menstruation, which in turn, boosts your chances of conceiving.
  • Some women also find Peppermint herbal tea useful for balancing hormones especially if they have PCOs.

Best Peppermint Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Herbal Tea – Most Popular– 20 bags
– Caffeine-free
– No artificial flavors or colors
– No gluten or GMO
– Harvested in Pacific Northwest
$14.22Buy Now
Harney & Sons Organic Peppermint Tea – Best Choice– 50 bags
– Kosher
– Caffeine-free
– USDA-certified
– Harvested in Oregon
$13.44Buy Now
Twinings of London Pure Peppermint Herbal Tea Bags – Most Affordable– 20 bags
– Leaves harvested in Egypt
– Free of caffeine
$3.99Buy Now

13. Nettle Leaf Tea

Nettle leaf is yet another popular herbal tea to boost fertility naturally. This nutritious plant contains a variety of essential nutrients such as protein, iron, calcium, and even a few vitamins that increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

This is why you should drink Nettle leaf tea to get pregnant quickly.

  • If you want to strengthen the uterus for smooth baby development, I’d suggest adding Nettle leaf tea to your diet. It contains powerful compounds enabling effortless embryo formation.
  • Nettle leaf tea boosts fertility by blood purification and removing toxins from your body that might otherwise prevent conceiving.
  • Many women prefer Nettle leaf tea pre-pregnancy as it stimulates proper kidney functioning. This can help get rid of toxins and wastes from your body and create an ideal environment for conceiving.

Best Nettle Leaf Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
Traditional Medicinals Organic Nettle Leaf Herbal Tea – Best Choice– 96 bags
– Non-GMO
– USDA Certified
– Free of caffeine
– Harvested in Eastern Europe
$38.77Buy Now
Microingredients Nettle Leaf Tea – Most Popular– 1.5 lbs 
– Dried cut and sifted leaves
– Gluten-free
– GMO-free
$23.95Buy Now
FGO Organic Nettle Leaf Tea – Most Affordable– 20 bags
– Harvested in Bulgaria
– USDA certified
– GMO-free
– Eco-Conscious packaging
$6.99Buy Now

14. False Unicorn Tea

False Unicorn, also known as Chamaelirium, devil’s bit, and fairy wand, is an American herb. Just like its name, this plant has magical properties to enhance fertility in women.

However, it has also shown to interact with estrogen receptors and increase its production which can be risky if care isn’t taken. I’d recommend discussing the use of False Unicorn with your doctor before using it. 

Here are some benefits of drinking False Unicorn herbal tea to get pregnant.

  • This root is a key ingredient in homemade medicines for treating ovarian cysts or achieving hormone imbalance, especially once you stop taking contraceptive pills.
  • Many women prefer False Unicorn tea to get pregnant by delaying menopausal symptoms and raise the chances of conceiving.
  • False Unicorn tea is also perfect for regularizing menstruation, especially if you often miss out on monthly periods.
  • Moreover, this herb can strengthen the uterus and optimize it for the development of embryos.

Best False Unicorn Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
HawaiiPharm False Unicorn Tincture – Best Choice– 4 ounce
– Liquid extract
– Completely organic
– Includes alcohol and glycerin
$29.95Buy Now
HerbEra False Unicorn Herbal Extract – Most Popular– 2 ounce
– Liquid extract
– 100% natural
– Alcohol-free
– No additives or artificial colors
– Money-back guarantee
$22.49Buy Now
Terravita False Unicorn Powder – Best Price
– 1 ounce
– Powder form
– 100% natural
– Made in the USA
$22.06Buy Now

15. Maca Tea

Last but not the least, is Maca tea. Maca is a popular herbal medicine from the radish family that grows in South America. The main constituents of maca are carbs, iron, zinc, fiber, and fats, all necessary for energy production and smooth pregnancy. 

Here’s why I recommend Maca herbal tea to get pregnant naturally.

  • Most women drink Maca herbal tea for quick conceiving as this root has incredible hormone-balancing benefits. It can help create the ideal environment in your body to promote effortless baby development. 
  • Maca root tea can further reduce anxiety and reduce stress, which often interferes with women’s ability to conceive.
  • Some women drink Maca tea before pregnancy to strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of catching infections that might affect fertility.

Best Maca Tea Recommendations:

NameFeaturesPriceReady to Buy
Herbal Cup Maca Ashwagandha Tea – Most Popular– 96 bags
– No caffeine
– USDA certified
– Biodegradable packaging
$25.74Buy Now
Buddha Teas Organic Maca Tea – Best Price
– 18 bags
– 100% natural
– Recyclable tea bags
– Caffeine-free
$9.86Buy Now
Teeccino Herbal Tea Organic Maca Chocolaté – Most Affordable– 10 bags
– Caffeine-free
– No acid
– Includes prebiotics
$9.09Buy Now

Hope you liked this list of best herbal teas to get pregnant quickly and naturally. If you do, don’t forget to pin it to read later! 

Also, I’d love to hear which herbal teas you’ve used for natural pregnancy. Share with me in the comments below.



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